Concept Cars Galore at the Paris Motor Show

Never to see the light of day, but interesting anyway

As part of 1st Car Import’s recent jaunt to the Paris Motor Show we took some time to take in the crazy concept cars offered by some of the major manufacturers. These are often beautiful and ridiculous at the same time, but are always good to see.


First up was the Hyundai Concept. Its highly unlikely that Hyundai would ever build anything like this, however it demonstrates the statement that Hyundai are trying to make. They aren’t happy to churn out solid, dependable SUVs and family hatchbacks; they want to really push their sporting arm. This was shown with the extension of their i30 performance range with the i30 N Fastback, which indeed looked very smart in the flesh. Exciting times ahead for Hyundai and interesting to see they aren’t just focusing on the SUV side of things.


One of the most popular cars in Paris was the Renault EZ-Ultimo – we did well to squeeze in between the locals to take a snap. Renault maintain that this all electric, completely self driving luxury limousine is a serious part of their vision for 2020 and beyond. Electric models such as the Zoe have been a success for Renault so they clearly have the in-house expertise to lead from the front in the electric car revolution. France has the same renewable fuel source pledge as the UK for passenger vehicles, so this is quite possibly the future.

The EZ-Ultimo looked to have enough interior space to host a full on board meeting – I’m not sure how this could fit across a dual carriageway, let alone the narrow streets of Paris. Renault declined to comment when asked how it would tackle speed bumps.


Peugeot have really been leading from the front in the last couple of years with their design. French brands are never short on the quirkiness, but models like the 3008 have really achieved the tricky feat of standing out from the crowd, without being too far out. Take one look at the dashboard of a 3008 and it looks like nothing else but at the same time has the best ergonomics and ease of use in its class. We love it.

The Peugeot Electric Concept, for me, was perhaps the most significant of the prototypes as it looks achievable and realistic. And it looks amazing. It’s a muscle car from the future and if Peugeot found a way to get it to market in the next few years, I’m sure they would have a major success on their hands. I just hope they are brave enough to follow it through, but if anyone can do it, it would be Peugeot.

They may have to offer some alternative interior options to the blue velour, as nice as it is.

Last and most certainly not least was possibly our favourite car in the whole show. Releasing their inner child on an unprecedented scale, Bugatti and Lego have made a 1:1 replica of the new Bugatti Chiron with over 1,000,000 Lego Technic pieces. This has actually been driven on a test track at speeds of 15mph.

Sadly, it is unlikely that this car will make it through NCAP crash testing, so it is probably not going to make it onto European roads.