Brand New Audi Q3 Coming Soon. Taking orders now.

Premium small SUV gets a complete overhaul

We are taking orders now for the brand new Audi Q3 and it is destined to be a huge seller for the German manufacturer. Following the massive success of the outgoing model, it really looks like Audi have taken things to another level. It is about time too; the previous Q3 has been around since 2011 and was starting to look its age, despite continued strong sales.

The new Q3 is now larger, more spacious and more luxurious, yet looks sportier thanks to a sharper silhouette. Audi are right on the money with their design at the moment. In recent years they’ve made arguably the best quality interiors, but the introduction of the fantastic virtual cockpit system and a little additional design flair makes the Q3 a special car to be in.


The Q3 itself now looks completely different inside, taking its lead from the interior recently revealed in the A6 and, in particular, the much larger Q8. A 12.3 inch display is available and it really is impressive. We saw it recently at its premiere at the Paris Motor Show and the clarity and ease of use is really at the cutting edge of in-car technology. The infotainment system syncs seamlessly with Google Earth graphics and really makes sat nav systems of only 3 or 4 years ago look old hat.

The Q3 has been bumped up a little in terms of size and it is really noticeable in the cabin. This really is a car that can take 4 or even 5 in comfort for long journeys. We haven’t driven it yet, but first reviews say the ride is much improved. As ever with Audi the list of options is pretty lengthy, and you can spec the car with adaptive dampers for complete comfort.


Get in touch now to find out more about details and pricing.