What we do


1st Car Imports is a global business sourcing brand new cars from reliable suppliers all over the world and delivering them to many markets.  Our fundamental principle is working with our suppliers and clients as partners; we always operate in their best interests.

Due to the large number of vehicles we supply for our business clients we are able to access fleet discounts for individuals that would not normally be available.


As a UK-based business ourselves, we have worked with other UK companies for several years. Whether you need a fleet of commercial vehicles for operations overseas, a left hand drive car to crash test, or even an individual vehicle to convert for a whole multitude of uses, we can find what you need at a great price.  We offer a full ‘one-stop’ service; we will organise delivery to your premises and will also take care of UK registration, if required.


We have worked with private clients for over a decade and it remains an important part of our business.  We offer flexibility both in terms of the large range of vehicles we can supply and the service that we provide.

If you are interested in any vehicle (even if it’s not currently listed on the site) then please get in touch.  As with every client we will listen closely to your requirements and will work to get the right vehicle for you at the right price.

Often we can get a suitable vehicle from stock for delivery to your door within a couple of weeks, but we can also place a bespoke factory order if required.


We offer a comprehensive range of vans, pickups, trucks and minibuses – usually from stock.  We understand that often our clients need commercial vehicles as soon as possible, so we are able to source and deliver them within 2 weeks.




We work with several clients for different markets in Africa. It’s a growing market of which we have a very good understanding and we are always looking for new clients.


We have worked with the Chinese market for several years, specialising in Audi, BMW and Range Rover and have extensive experience of working with Letters of Credit.


We work with many markets within Europe. We are always looking for more suppliers and clients; if you think we can work together, get in touch.