Who We Are

Company History


1st Car Imports is launched as a local, family-run business by Kay and Doug Turnbull.  The business works exclusively with right hand drive cars imported into the UK from Europe.


We launch our first website. Looking back now, it was incredibly basic, but enabled us to reach a new client base all over the UK.


We start to work increasingly with left hand drive cars to satisfy a demand from UK clients for vehicles to use whilst at holiday homes abroad.


After many years of helping out behind the scenes, Kay and Doug’s son, Giles joins the company. 1st Car Imports is incorporated, with Doug and Giles as co-directors.


Doug takes a well-earned break, as Duncan Ledger joins the company to head up the logistics team.


Duncan becomes a director and co-owner of the company


1st Car Imports launch their new website and re-brand to assist in their moves into new markets outside of Europe.